• Everything we got now becomes everything we had,,

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    I wrote this to a very special person which is my little brother who died a year from now in a car accident,

    Its been a while now since we got apart, much too longer for a girl who lost her heart, walking down the neighborhood, remembering when it was all good, and the flashback starts..I feel your little hand wrapped around my finger, your teardrops on my shirt, the times you fell down scared and I told u you didn’t get hurt, to you everything was funny and u had nothing to regret, i’d give all my little angel if it just stayed like that, baby it’s just sad how everything we got now becomes everything we had ..
    I’m lost here in this moment while time slips by, hoping you’d get here somehow and find you by my side, I know you won’t but nothing changes no one can ever take your place, though living without you makes nothing beautiful in my eyes, I feel so empty, God i’m torn apart inside, ,
    I’m missing you so much here, everything you did, everything you said, and just about us, you’re in my heart, you’re in my bones, but can’t believe seeing your name written on that stone,,
    I look up at the stars and somehow I feel closer and hear you say you miss me, i’d give anything i’m living for to have our memories and so much more, to the way it was before, cause it’s sad how everything we got now becomes everything we had..

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