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    Dear Prospective IT Candidate

    If you are reading this, you foresee and plan a career in IT. This letter is to convince you that you are making a mistake.

    A quick overview of why working in IT is the wrong choice:
    It drains the soul.
    It destroys all pleasure you have in life.
    It demands constant dedication of time, regardless of what your standby/support roster may look like.

    At this point you are thinking “what are you on about?” Well, here’s the deal – you are doing work that amounts to absolutely nothing. The only IT professionals that may contribute anything of value are those programming medical equipment. Why? Because, if you evaluate what you are doing you’ll come to realise the only gain is money – and that usually of your employer. You may be pulling an attractive salary, certainly, but other than that, you gain nothing.

    Of course, an attractive salary is nothing to be sneezed at. It’ll give you a house and a social life and possibly even fund your MMO addiction. Nothing wrong with that. But all of these material assets you have are worthless in the long run. The happiness you gain from posessing these things will be of the short term. No long lasting joy is gained – the house will eventually become nothing more than a roof over your head; every MMO, regardless the size, will eventually become deprived of entertainment. All material things go this way.

    Your life will, of course, never be the same. Between catering to the needs of your many bosses – Team Leads, Employers, Users etc. – you’ll have free time. But don’t be surprised when one of your many bosses phones you at the hight of your “you-time” to ask the most mundane of questions, ruining any joy you had up to that point.

    Perhaps you’re thinking “that won’t happen to me” or perhaps “I’ll be strict in my negotiation” or even “I just won’t answer the phone”. All very good ideas, I’m certain. None of them will stand. You’ll either be fired for laziness, or not get the job at all. There will be a clause in your contract stating “… and do anything required by COMPANY X/BOSSMAN Y”. Check your contract if you are already at that point.

    The final decision does of course lie with you. All I can do is inform you of the reality of working in IT. However! Ignore my warning at your own peril.

    Yours sincerely,
    A disillusioned IT specialist

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    1. Spare us your crap
      May 11, 2014 at 1:50 pm

      Forget your work life, I have a strong feeling that your life in general is worthless and unfulfilled, and you need something to blame. I work in IT and I love my colleagues. Our house is not just a roof over my head but a home filled with laughter and love. We use some of the money that I have earned to take vacations with my family from Greece to Mexico, and met many friends along the way that have enriched our lives forever. I make a lot of money and enjoy every aspect of life that money can buy. So quit your pessimistic preaching and find out what is really wrong with you life, and stop preaching to many whose lives are filled with love, family and happiness. Are you sure you are not depressed? For you sound like the princess of doom and gloom.

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