• To All Frequent Car Drivers

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    This is to all those people that drive anywhere less than 5km away from their home, or those who live in a city with transit, yet they have never taken it and never intend to. This is to all those lazy people who do not care about the environment, the future, or those around them. Try walking, or biking somewhere for once, maybe you will like it. And for all those parents who drive their kids 1km to school, do you really need to? Do you really want to have kids who are to lazy to walk 500 meters away from their own house? For goodness sake walk to school with your kids, driving just clogs up the street and trust me, it takes the same amount of time as walking. Ok so you may be saying that you are to busy, to lazy, you have to much of a social life to worry about the environment. But please just try, I’m only in high school and I am already making the habit of walking or biking or busing everywhere, and guess what… It’s awesome, it keeps you fit, independent, and it makes you look socially responsible. Here are some ways you can stop driving without giving up too much:

    1. Too lazy to walk? Take transit! You can call your local city transit for bus and train times, also there are some awesome apps out there that tell you where to catch your bus or train and also the times it comes!

    2. Too far to walk? Take Transit or bike. Biking is incredibly fast and it keeps you in great shape

    3. You want to be “that cool kid, that drives a cool car”? Well you may feel that way now but in 20 years people will thank you for being “that cool kid who walks” Also biking can be pretty freaking cool as well

    4. Parents are too worried to let their child off on their own. OK firstly of all, if your child is young walk/bike/take transit with them, you could probably use the exercise! Older children can go with a responsible friend or sibling the first couple times until they get used to protecting the environment… Just remember a child or teen who is street safe will be better off when they get older.

    There I have made my point. I do not want to make anyone mad, but do not deny it, you may drive everywhere and you may get mad at this letter. But just try reading and try your best to reduce your car emissions as well as educate others. Thanks for taking the time to read and think about this problem.

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