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    To whom it may concern

    I was beginning to think I finally “understood” the purpose of my “therapy”…but now I’m not so sure. All I want is the truth and therapy, I thought, could help me find just that. The problem is, I’m confused. I have no idea what the truth actually is. Being the one/s involved, you are already aware of the circumstances. Based on certain texts and PMs (or maybe not so private) I have reason to wonder if you are possibly someone who either knows the goat or, the goat himself. But I’m also well aware that the virgin has visited a therapy session or two. And, though I’m clueless as to how he’d obtain access w/out my knowledge, I would not be surprised and am actually expecting the archer to be involved-depending on what the motive behind my therapy is. So to that…the motive. I believe at this point it is either A or B. A-to confuse, humiliate, or hurt me. B-to help me in some way. Now, if it’s motive A, I would guess that Sagittarius, the archer, is involved. He could and more than likely does have individual assistants, whose roles are to help him. That is, if he is the “therapist.” Same with the goat, except the goat, at least I hope..has motive B. Basically, due to the nature of my therapy, just telling the goat my feelings, is NOT as simple as you may perceive it to be. I am just asking for the truth. If the goat is trying to help, I understand. However, there is a serious road block to my therapy: confusion. I love “my goat” very much, and I think he would only try to help. But telling me the truth is what I need, in order for therapy to progress. Unfortunately, the archer and the virgin are not going to tell me the truth, if they are involved (I know both of them well enough to know this). So whether you are the goat, his friend, or a massage therapist named Joe, you are my only hope for the truth. I have forgiven those who have hurt me, I will not be angry or resentful at discovering the truth behind my therapy at this point. I am pretty certain the answer is what I thought had been made clear based on my conversations with the goat. Right now I feel violated..and afraid:-(. I feel like someone can see me, in my mickey mouse pjs, eating goldfish, on my living room floor. I just want to be friends, that’s all. But I can’t deny it, it’s pretty obvious I have feelings for the goat. Despite how “madly in love with him” I am, I’m ready for reality-even if it breaks my heart. I’m just ready to know what’s going on:(. If you are reading this and are involved-if you have it in your heart, please send me a text (the goat and the archer both have my number). I would be very thankful to finally know the truth, so that real therapy can proceed.:-) thanks:)
    The stubbornly loyal bull

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