• RE: Your Wedding

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    Hey Little Sister,

    Thanks for the invite. I really appreciate it. I mean, a girl needs her big sister there on her big day, right? Oh, wait, I guess she doesn’t.

    It’s hard for me not to feel like I’m being intentionally excluded from your wedding or punished for some unknown offense by not being invited. While I’ll never send this email to you, (because I CARE ABOUT YOU AND HOW MY ACTIONS AFFECT YOU AND MAKE YOU FEEL, HINT HINT,) I am fighting back the hurt on a daily basis.

    I don’t care about your dress, its alterations, your cake or the planning. Why should I? I’m not f**king invited. Please keep the details to yourself. Talking about this to/around me is like throwing salt on an open wound. It’s hurtful. Besides, it’s rude to talk about a party to someone who’s not invited, and Mom and Dad raised us better than that.

    I hope that your wedding is all that you’re dreaming it will be. I would love to be there.

    And no matter what, I still love you and support you.

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