• if you plant ice, you’re gonna harvest wind

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    Sometimes I think I should contact you again so that I can hear it. So that I can hear you tell me to never contact you again… that what I did was crappy and that you will never be interested in any type of collaboration. I’ve wondered if you are on here, or if you ever were at one time. When we first got back in touch a few years ago, I walked away thinking that there was nothing there. I moved to another city halfway across the state and forgot about you. No ill feelings at all – everything was pleasant when we corresponded. Did you know that it was the wone I’m with who encouraged me to reach out to you? They know how unhappy I’ve since being castrated from my calling (my purpose) in life. But then, after time went by, you “connected” with me. Then, you showed up working right next door, doing the same kind of workl that I do (a big change for you). So, I reach out again hoping that maybe you were interested in starting something. Again, very nice exchange that exudes lack of interest. You see, it’s too convenient now that all of these things are in line. I tell myself that it’s all coincidence, but why are you here? Why did you just use me to get on your new path? Don’t comment on this or make some response post hidden as a stranger. Use my initials or something. Prove to me that I’m right to put you into the past for good. Leave me to my misery. Please! Kill the hope that I might get back to my mission with your help. I’m not mad at you wish you well.

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