• While we’re in the shower

    by  • May 5, 2014 • * Safe for Work *, Smitten • 0 Comments

    Scalding hot; the stream of water coddles my shoulders,
    The water, Douses the flames of our fiery passion.
    I undress my convictions at the door, and pretend the water’s not burning away my filth,
    as my feelings are bubbling down the shower drain.

    Your shoulders; soft like peach fuzz if I thought that were soft,
    Because like most times, I lie when it comes to how I feel.
    I rinse the nocturnal shades of lust with a dab of resentment,
    I redress my feelings like I fold origami, trying to perfect the rhythm, to get a masterpiece,
    Deception is only tricky when the lights are on.
    Boy how I see you clearly in this light.

    You tease me with listless words, as I shimmy my hair in the dulling shower.
    The hot drool from the shower head, becomes swiftly like a cold, grievous thunderstorm, pouring buckets of sharp knives on my skin,
    I gasp for warmth, much like I cringe at the thought of the shower being turned off,
    And you to see my curvatures, and most importantly my pupils
    Flexed wide open thinking; loving you is futile.

    And yet, as we leave and you sweep the water off your shoulders,
    And tuck the towel in between your creases, I’m wondering why I want one second more,
    Of the scalding hot shower, and your sinking teeth in me until morn?

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