• While i have you here

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    Another shot of Bacardi to release the tension in my bones,
    a flustering sensation of uncertainty flushing down my spine,
    and into the white Russian I swallow.

    Your body quivers in anxiety when I stumble closer, knees like jelly, body swishing with curbed emotions that I don’t want to relinquish. instead, I want to quench them like my thirst.

    A song we discussed before is playing on the jukebox, and I cannot help but cackle inside my shaken but not stirred veins. Your eyes dart to me with empathetic cues, that only I can uncover; like a Sudoku puzzle.

    The ageless musings of your friends, the peak of the cosmos couldn’t prepare me for this, as you dive your hands to hold me in a kiss, when we retreat to your bed.

    Our meanderings of thoughts skim the floor as we become naked with our truths, and eat the Chinese food that nestles in our stomachs; unlike our fruitless temptations to speak the unsaid.

    And yet, we dive into the covers, sputtering obscenities about our lives, hoping the fire will burn low for each other and then dim,

    Because we can tell, or at least I can:

    We’re sparrows with broken wings, trying to nurse each other’s wounds, flesh biting flesh during sex, kisses massaging lips to mend.

    Oh how we pretend we are dead to the fault line of our hearts, of our concaved hearts, now shaping to be butterflies. Where we soar, is nothing more than a travesty to our cold hearted bitterness.

    Because we can tell, or at least I can:

    That the liquor we drank wasn’t strong enough to obliterate our emotions, and the false pretenses of hearts to not tell each other we care, will break and bend.

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    1. stop drinking
      May 9, 2014 at 9:31 am

      It only worsens things.

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