• Betrayal of Trust

    by  • May 5, 2014 • Anger • 0 Comments

    Lately the media has been throwing me for a loop – no, wait, sorry not the media – the government. As a woman who has been through being abused, sexually assaulted, and a number of other things I am hurt, and betrayed, and infurated by things I have seen in the media lately. The first was a tweet that said assualt could be avoided.

    REALLY!?! Are you kidding me?? So what was I supposed to do when I was assaulted walking down the street in a hoodie and jeans in broad daylight? And also, apologizing to the boyfriend that hit me when he was pissed off because of work just didn’t seem to help.

    The second? Anyone seen the judge who gave an ADMITTED rapist 5 year probation and his community service was in a Rape Survivor Treatment Center — all because his victim wasn’t a virgin! What the F***!

    I’m sorry, are you really making a statement and telling the world that all you are going to get is a slap on the wrist if the person that you choose to violate is not a virgen? What the hell is wrong with you lady?!?!

    I had a hard enough time when I came forward about my assault when the male cop asked me what I was wearing – not because he thought there would be evidence but because he thought I might be dressed provacatively.

    It is hard enough to come forward as a survivor in this world because you are afraid of judgement, and rejection, and however misplaced you feel shame, and you feel vulnerable and dirty.

    So I feel that my anger, and hurt is not misplaced, it is spot on – this judge that made light of a serious crime has set assault victims back – because hey, didn’t you know if you had had sex before you were asking for it? Fuck you lady, fuck you. It was hard enough before you went and screwed this up, now we have to be afraid that the judge is going to take the side of the perpetrator!

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