• Adagio

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    if only our minds were as far-reached and neutral as the sky above.
    thoughts of us dwell as essential as the air we breathe
    ‘you and i’ were my favorite pair of words
    and those three words deemed too simplistic for our sentiments
    the value of unexplainable connections such as these
    money and age seems to recruit the worthless ones
    illuminations from that spark powered me through
    and so it seems I was likewise to you
    albeit none of this passé was cost free to keep
    as our fragile nature faced perils of actuality
    unable to share eventual joys that occurs in life
    fear that they hail inadequacy and jealousy
    only despair and dissatisfaction seems to bring you near
    and the rest of parts you refuse to hear
    how then did you see this progressing anywhere
    differing trials of closeness only confirms this
    it’s only human nature each life has their ups and downs
    latest declarations of change only confirm the fear in our heads
    rotten pieces surface slowly gaining to infect the rest
    pick them out one by one and what is left
    a barren wasteland with endless trenches in the end
    only a silhouette of what had been
    our landscape is now the graveyard of souls
    if we forged a warm connection I’d have given it a serious chance
    both analogous don’t want to take the first bite
    only giving birth to resentments this time around
    must your unfamiliar overwrites be so grisly
    lacerate my eyes i’d rather be blind
    repeatedly stepping over the line
    self satisfaction sickens you labels hastily come firing down
    do you think I don’t deserve progression
    abusing the stories shared with confidence given or withheld
    tales of time apart retained to prevent repeated cycle of provocation
    has only worked against to promote maddening suspicion
    how did you come to foster such a narrow mind
    perceptive and guardian nature fueled my efforts to remain kind
    if scorn nurtures cruddy joy then i’ll clench my fist and take it
    but my patience has run out some worsened my existent traumas
    ultimately the beautiful mystery once there is no where to be found
    have no choice but to feel anything but endearment
    without intention you nudge me towards the exit
    trust is the foundation and the messed up dynamic seems pretty set
    wish we were strangers once more so we can start a clean slate
    but this my dear is not the case
    and I have now accepted it eventually will never materialize.

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    1. Emmy
      May 5, 2014 at 2:42 pm

      Well isn’t that something.

      Im not sure I interpreted this correctly but I think I can relate.

      Words that come to mind: Excuses, Fear, Miscommunication, Self-defeating behavior.

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