• AA and Starbucks

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    Dear Cute Kid,
    I think you’re beautiful, inside and out, and it makes me mad. I like your smile and it pisses me off. I’d like to stop thinking about you, but you’re very hard to forget. I’d like to move on with my life, but sometimes you get in the way of it.
    When I was in a relationship, I avoided you like wildfire. The moment we met, I knew I’d like you. Your rugged mild voice, sincerity, and determination to better yourself were characteristics I knew I couldn’t shake. I love your faith in God, and it doesn’t help that you’re drop dead gorgeous.
    My curiosity grew, and now I wonder what to wear just in case I see you. But this isn’t something I planned on humoring. I avoid you now as much as I did back then. I can’t tell if it’s because you make me nervous or because I promised myself to stay single for a year. It’s probably both. And, in my childlike imagination, I like to pretend that maybe that’s where you’re coming from too. Maybe you evade me for the same reasons I do. However, I get the feeling that you’re just not interested in me – in any way. And, that’s probably a good thing.
    You seem like the kind of person I’d want to hang out with and talk for a while… about nothing. I’d like to hear about your favorite bands and how you see the world. What’s your favorite color? If you could be anything, what would you be? Would you like to go out for sushi?
    But, this isn’t a love letter. I’m looking to let these feelings come to pass. I do not hope to get to know you. A minute spent with you is a day I’ll spend wondering, and I don’t have the time. You’re a 10 out of 10, I hope you know. And, as bitter and angry as I am for deciding not to talk to you, I have been equally as bitter and angry as I have been for wanting to know you.
    If I could leave this with a good note, please don’t stop trying to progress. I know it’s been hard, but no matter how many road blocks, no matter how often you trip and fall, as long as you keep taking just one more step forward, you will get there. You’re worth it to God, to yourself, and to me.

    -Some Girl

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