• Feather of a wren

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    Puck found one of your hair bands on the floor. It still has long gold and red strands trapped in it. I held it gently and brought memories of you back into my heart. Closed my eyes and wished…

    At one time dearest love, our hearts connected. Our minds met and exploded in wonder. Our inner children played. We danced.

    And I wish for you to simply remember that. Nothing else. Because that was the bare bones and honest truth of what we shared in those brief moments. Two souls collided.

    I sold one of the caps with the hearts painted across it yesterday. It was the last of the caps I painted with my heart so full of you. The crazy rocking chair remains with its exploding poppy and luminescent fireflies. It will sell too because joy is meant to be spread about.

    Thank you for teaching me that I can love again and for giving me my passion back. Thank you for being such an awesome muse. For showing me that one never enters any relationship with empty hands.

    The hair band is mine for just a bit, but like the butterfly, I will release it soon I know. Maybe I just need a reminder of your sweet spirit and of the gentle connection we shared. Maybe I hope that as I wish upon these little strands of hair, your heart will heal and you will see me as I am.

    ……just someone who loved you.

    And always will.

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    1. Karen
      October 31, 2017 at 6:46 pm

      Always will…

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