• where dishonesty got you

    by  • May 3, 2014 • * Safe for Work *, Betrayal • 0 Comments

    I keep thinking and hoping..and for what? You said it’s over and to move on. This coming right after you wanted us to have a family one day and other “words”. Your dishonesty was brutally evident from the start really and not “moving on” was my fault. You weren’t done with this woman. There are probably other women. You couldn’t get a dating profile down for over a week? I will never be someone’s option and you treated me as such. Then this woman dives back in and you treated me very different. The sad part isn’t that she came back and you wanted her. The sad part is you were dishonest with me about what took place. You let her back in. Your home, your bed, your life and you lied to me about it happening. Hedging your bets?? I’m not the person for that. You took the good that was there and due to secrets and deceit you pissed all over it. The worst part is you didn’t have enough respect for me as a person to come clean and then… worse than that, you blamed me. You were mean, nasty and ruthless. You are nothing you appear to be. You can try and come off to the world as this one person you say you are, but you are not him. You can lie to the whole world and get away with it… good for you. But, lying to yourself will always keep you sick and hurting…and you ARE a hurt man.

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