• Was this your composition?

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    “I messed up probably the best thing that has ever happened to me. I meet the most wonderful guy and I was not completely honest with him . I opened up and told him the truth and now he hates me and doesn’t want anything to do with me. I am totally in love with him and now my heart is completely shattered. I have never felt worse in my life.
    Please forgive me.”

    If it were so easy as The Wizard himself describes, that would be preferable.

    “The world is calling you away
    And your leaving was just a way
    of staying with what you’d come to say

    This pain is a poem
    Slowly written
    Torn from the book
    and cast into a corner where
    no one could look

    This rage for all to see
    caught fire and burned all around me
    til there was nothing left to burn

    Now I stand alone in these attic bones
    And re~read that poem
    all yellowed with age

    Tears heal such as healing is
    So I cast that page into the ashes
    And there is no blame
    Only shades of regret
    And those too will forget
    As the world calls me away”

    -[Lindsey] The Dance Poem

    Alas, for I find it difficult; “Still You Linger On” ~Andrew Gold

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    1. britney
      May 8, 2014 at 9:02 pm

      I guess it all depends on what you lied about….

      Like you lied and said you didnt love him and did?
      Or you selfishly lied to cover up things???

      I mean i can relate to the first question although it wasnt me tellin lies..i knew i cared but didnt understand on what level and its easier to keep things simple being friends than confuse a guy with my confused feelings..eventually my feelings sorted out and it kinda backfired because as much as i loved being around him it also was painful.

      Maybe he isnt angry at you for the reasons you have concluded. Only one way to for sure know. Talk to him. It might be hard but you might find common ground. And if he still is mean then know you attempted like an adult and nothing more should be done.

      Get your answers. Find your closure or whatever. Good luck and best wishes.

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