• Invalidate me Baby

    by  • May 3, 2014 • Anger • 1 Comment

    Invalidate me baby
    It really gets me horny
    After I suck your cock and ride you hard
    To find out how you really see me

    You think I don’t know what you’re after?
    I’ve got men under my belt
    You’re a tiny little piece of meat
    But I give you chances to be heartfelt

    You speak of things I care about, so therein lies the challenge
    Do I wait and see if you practice what you preach?
    Or assume the worse and peace
    The time draws near, I think it’s time to leave

    Apparently when you met me you thought I was pretty
    You used your words and charm and wit
    And I knew just what it all meant
    My panties wet, my mind horny for your handsome build
    I waited only ‘cause I had to
    I fucked you cause I wanted to, I’m a human just like you
    Dare you think I am obsessed
    Dare you think I lack self-esteem
    I do what I do for good reason
    And I just wanted to wait and see

    You’re afraid of letting my power overtake you
    The masculinity with which you identify
    Is as fragile as your mind
    I see you as a child; scared alone confused

    You said you wanted to fuck my pussy
    I knew I wanted you to
    But when I wanted to fuck your cock
    You seemed to wish I was a prude
    I absolutely had a lady boner, as your genius friend implies
    I owned it, I wanted it, and I got it
    And now I’m worthless to you

    And as real as sex is, as real as aching loins feel
    I never rule out the possibility of a like-minded friend
    With whom to share my bed.

    Thanks for SUCKing MY TWAT, FUCKER!

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    One Response to Invalidate me Baby

    1. You write well
      May 3, 2014 at 11:09 pm

      for a complete TrampWhore [tm]

      You think that’s the reason he’s no longer around?

      If you take pride in obviously expressing the true you, which I harbor no shade of doubt,
      you become an FF&F them girl.

      Good luck with that.



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