• To you

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    I feel like you don’t love me and truth is I feel that way because you don’t. Every day I wake up and I love you. It’s a fact of my life. I’m always yearning for you, reaching out for you, and loving you but there’s no return. Are you afraid I will hurt you if you allow me to get too close? It’s been over a year since I met you and almost a year that we’ve been dating. I’m afraid I might not be able to go on. I’m afraid I can’t love a person, more importantly you, with nothing in return. That’s not my fault. I see you everywhere I go, because I love you, and because of that I have a constant reminder that you do not feel the same. Would it hurt you so terribly to give a little of what I give you? I want to love you for all of my days and I can commit to that. Why do you linger on the other side of that wall you’ve built?
    I admit I am not perfect. I admit that I have hurt people I have loved. But you see, this time I’m ready. I’m not saying this in naivety or out of a foolish romantic’s mouth. I love you. I’ve cried over you for so many months (tears you did not see) and apparently my patient suffering has proved fruitless at this very moment. I want to hold you close and I want you to hold me close. Do you not understand my suffering? I’ve not been this patient for a single person in my whole entire life and I’m patient for you. You’ve helped me and changed me and made me want to be a better person. I want to go on but I want to go on knowing you’ll be there for me. For you, you’re the answer to my faith that this world has order. When I met you I knew you were different, and that is what keeps me here waiting for you. I love you.

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