• You’re The Bird

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    Dear Rohan,

    I found a bird once. Lying there, just under the peepal tree, which i used to pass everyday while on my way to school, i found her there lying wounded. Seeing the scene i could make out that she had been thrown down by her own mother from their nest so that she could learn to fly but unfortunately she was too young.
    Seeing her wounds, i found myself suddenly attracted. I knew taking her home, taming her was dangerous since my mom didnt like pets and on my this thing she would burst like a volcano and this would add to my already troubled life. I thought of leaving her there. But the power with which she lured me towards her was too damn strong and eventually took her home taking the risk. I tamed her. I healed her wounds. Just a little bit of care was what she needed and yeah she was done. She was really strong, the bird. Her determination to get healed, her style of living free, having no burdens in her heart, everything just inspired me. It was like her every good quality made me become better. While healing her, i myself got healed. She had some magic in her, like a promise of a better tomorrow, like new hopes. And she made me believe in them too. I got attached to the bird. I used to talk to her like for every second of the day. although she couldnt reply but still i talked to her about my troubles, my happiness everything. She became my best friend but that was just my illusion.

    She soon healed and she no longer needed me. I was attached to her and couldnt imagine a day without her. But love is all about setting the ones you love free. So i set her free. She without even thinking about me, flapped her wings and flied beautifully. I could sense the joy she beared in her heart because she was now free and had nothing to fear. I had successfully healed her.

    The bird is an inspiration to me. I loved her deeply. She lives on and on in my memories forever.

    You’re the bird Rohan. You almost resemble her. You’re just some qualities short else you’d fit the description perfectly.

    Although we never talked that much, but you happen to be the love of my life. Your words tend to inspire me and I live by them. Your qualities, I can’t seem to hate. The way you look, is awful to almost everyone I know but to me, your built is perfect. For almost everybody I know you’re rude, but to me your anger is bliss. I’ve been told to stop hoping that someday you’ll be mine, but my heart just doesn’t seem to stop and hence i feel trapped within my whole body. Although it’s not your fault that I’m invisible to you, but still… My heart doesn’t stop hoping. I wish I could reverse the moment when I met you. You’re not some great piece of art, but I just happen to love you that my heart wont see what damage you’re causing to me.

    Your love is forbidden for me. Hence i suppose to leave it someday. But i’ll think of you when i die, because i’ve loved you truly.

    You don’t know me. Nobody does. You cant guess who i am. Believe me. I am somebody who crosses your path everyday but doesn’t get your attention. I’m somebody who is invisible to you. I’m a loner. I’m somebody who is not the target of your attention. I’m somebody who goes unnoticed. I’m somebody who doesn’t stand a chance with you. I’m somebody who happens to think of you everyday. I’m somebody whom you can never find out. I’m somebody who shares a secret world with you in her fantasies (shhh its a secret). I’m somebody who can never get you as hers.

    Maybe we’re not meant to cross each other’s destinies right now. But maybe we’d meet again someday, when we’re better people. Maybe then we’d be better for each other. Mayve then destiny wont stop us from being together.

    Someone You Know.

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    1. Poplar tree
      April 30, 2014 at 11:50 am

      I swear. You have talent. Such an attractive one too. No wonder…

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