• The tears

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    The tears of a mother shed everyday. You are not biologically mine yet I shed these tears daily. I worry about you and the path you are taking and none of which are good. You are crying out for help in so many ways and you have went to your own momma and nothing has been done. Does she really ever worry about you the way I do? Last year when you took to many pills and had to go into the hospital I was so angry, scared and sad. Angry because your mother pushed blame onto me and my children, sad for you because I saw the signs, I pointed them out and no one listened. They just brushed me off as an outsider. Scared because I did not think you were going to pull through. I am sorry if I had done something to push you away but I have always told you that if you came to me to talk that I am a parent first and a friend second, that if I felt your mom and dad needed to know something I would tell them. Yet you knowing this you still talked. I can only hope it was your cry for help your way if getting your parents to know. It is not my fault that your family broke up. I feel that someday you will understand that I met your daddy way after they split up. Someday I hope as hard as it would be that you would know that it was your mother who wronged your dad and it was her who left. I am so very sorry your family is fallen apart and I am so very sorry that you have to hear your momma bad mouth me and my daughters. It is sad really because we have never did anything wrong to hurt any of you in any way. I am thankful that I am kind and very patient that maybe someday your momma will not feel this way about us. For whatever reason she hates us I will never understand. Please know honey you are a beautiful fourteen year old girl who not only struggles at home or at school but also with herself, that I love you so much. I could not begin to fathom how hard it is to be a teenage girl nowadays. Boy I thought it was hard in the 80s nowadays its down right scary. I know it will be ok. Please when you feel the urge to cut write I love you instead.

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