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    Just like everyone I’ve had my fair share of pain in this lifetime. the pain crippled me. I sunk into depression.Missed out on life due to this pain. But I realized I had to move away from pain you have to acknowledge it, fight it and move ahead.

    I wish I could say fighting the pain was easy, but it wasn’t. Its a hard battle. You have to accept it first. Then you have to forgive yourself for hurting others. Then forgive those who have hurt you. Re adjust the way you think. And fight a new battle of finding hapiness. That means letting go of some people in your life. People who hold you back from being you. These people can be close friends or even family. I call it ‘fighting your demons’. This might weeks, months, or even years. It took me 3 years to acknowledge the pain, accept it, fight it and let it go.

    Holding on to pain weakens you as a person. Let it go. It gives peace, clarity and joy.

    In letting go of pain I found peace and I thank God so much for letting me find peace. He’s my guidance, my solace, my guide, My joy, I have no fear he’ll take me further than I am.



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    1. yes, it inspires
      April 28, 2014 at 2:23 pm

      Thank you author! It’s nice to read something positive here.

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