• Baby…

    by  • April 28, 2014 • Sex • 0 Comments

    We barely made it to the bed with merely a thread of clothing left. Our hands tightly clasped as I kissed your sweet lips, then your neck and down between your breasts. I slowly made my way down as you moaned and managed to utter “ffffuuuuhhhhhk” over and over as my tongue stroked your spot repetitively. You moaned “stop” but you didn’t really want me to stop. Our bodies, covered in sweat, fit so perfectly together and we both were overcome with pleasure and passion. You grabbed my hair and squirmed while I pleased you with my tongue. I teased you. I absorbed every second and adored your body. So beautiful. Your blonde hair falling in my face as you turned me over and kissed my neck.

    Such good memories. God we could have so many more.

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