• Almost lost my heart

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    I was so mad at you. I’m still mad at you. I may always be mad at you.

    You really have done a number on me, my self esteem, my self worth. You behave so badly sometimes. People wonder why I stay with you, sometimes I wonder the same thing.

    But that week told me one thing. I still love you a great deal. Whether I want to, or not.

    You were in pain, I know your threshold isn’t so high, so at first I wasn’t overly concerned, but you were in pain for hours, and when I saw you curled up in the fetal position and nearly in tears, well. I was pretty worried, I called us a cab and took you to the hospital.

    It was awful. I stayed calm, and told you it was probably nothing, but really, I was losing it. It took so long for them to get to you. I was getting extremely pissed off. You were covered in a sheen of sweat and your eyes were dark and bloodshot.

    That first night I didn’t sleep, I just sat in the chair next to your bed and watched you. You were hooked up to the IV with antibiotics and painkillers pumping into you. I just sat there and gently rubbed your feet while you came in and out of consciousness.

    I stayed calm the whole time we were there, I didn’t want you to be any more worried than you were already, but inside I was a mess. No matter how angry, no matter how hurt, I didn’t want that for you.

    They took you into surgery finally, and before you went in I was holding your hand and telling you I’d be just there when you got out, gave you a hug and kiss and watched them wheel you away.

    It was only supposed to take 45min. an hour maybe.

    They had you for a little over 2 hours before the doctor finally came out and told me they were finished. It was really bad, and you were filled with poison. It took them a long time to clean you out. He told me you were in recovery and they would call me when you came to.

    I sat there and stared at the phone. It was another hour before they called me in.

    I still held back any and all reaction.

    It wasn’t until we got home that I laid in bed and cried. Wow did I cry.

    As much as I hate you sometimes, and I do, I love you more than anything.

    Listen, dickhead, I won’t tell you any of this because I don’t want it to go to your head, but you are absolutely my heart, and one cannot live without their heart.

    So don’t let this happen again, OK? OK.

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    1. Thank God
      October 9, 2014 at 4:23 pm

      they were ok. Thats really scary, but its good they had someone who cared there to help.

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