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    So I went and got feedback regarding your issue. Even after everything I had to know if any of this could be explained away as unintentional due to your disability.

    In a sea of people with your issue I was told what happened was more along the lines of douchebaggery on your part than “it”.

    Was worried I was going to get attacked and viewed as unsympathetic. However, I received lots of helpful feedback from individuals who cope with it every day like you.

    You’d think I would skew it in my favor the rehashing of our story. Yet I minimized the extent of what you did in hopes of a more unbiased opinion.

    So anyway, some said it seemed very little had to do with your condition. Some said it could be drugs. (We already know that route though). Some suggested borderline. Most said douchebag.

    I know it might not be completely accurate but it did give me some peace. At least I found strangers who took the time to explain things to me and how your (their) minds work and why certain things might have happened. Which, is a whole hell of a lot more than you left me with.

    You made a choice to treat me this way. Someone else there said I wouldn’t be able to understand your actions if I didn’t treat people the way you do. And I don’t. And I’m going to stay that way.

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    1. Constant
      April 27, 2014 at 7:05 pm

      I wonder…why talk shit when it would’ve been easier to deal with “the issue” by talking to the person. Misunderstandings can cause a war and judgements can cause self hate!

    2. author
      April 28, 2014 at 5:38 am

      Why wouldn’t someone talk? Maybe they were treated a certain way and then cut off? Some of us do communicate. Just the other person ends up doing something horrible we never expected.

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