• The light in the dark room.

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    “One day, as treasure hunters, we went out to the woods, dig up the earth, and kept digging. My friend found an old anklet, and she was so happy to keep that as a memoir. My other friend found a gold chain, and danced and wore it around her neck. My third friend found a silver bracelet and kept it for her sister’s wedding to wear. And me? I found a light. A light that shone bright, brighter than any of my friends’ jewels shone. This was for keeps, and I kept it with me for as long as I could, and it never shone any less. In fact, day by day, it became brighter, and more beautiful than it had looked the first time I had discovered it.”

    You are the light.
    I found you, out of nowhere. I could have dug up the bracelet. Or the chain. Or the anklet. But I found you. I will forever thank my stars that I found you, out of all those treasures.
    You know what? I’m not saying that the people out there are dumb fools. Each of them is beautiful in their own way. It’s just about the need.
    A depressed person needs a happy person for support. A poor person needs a rich one for help. A greedy person needs a generous person to learn. I am weak, I needed a strong person for inspiration.
    Think. I could’ve found a generous person. I could’ve found a rich one. I think I even did. But were they of any use to me? They weren’t. So I threw them away
    I could not have found you. I could’ve gone a little deeper into the woods, or have not gone into the woods at all. But no. I was at the exact spot where you were. And hence, I found you. What is it except luck?

    I have always wanted to be the person to inspire someone. I have wanted people to come up to me and say, “Hey you, you’re an inspiration to me, and I love you for being what you are.”
    Yeah, people come to me and say, “You’re pretty” , or “You are so awesome”. I’ve never gotten the privilege to be an inspiration to someone, and I don’t think I’ll ever that opportunity.
    The praises I get do make me happy. But being an inspiration to someone takes a lot, and I’m not one of those people. I’m too busy fighting myself to help someone out of their misery.

    But you Arpit, are an inspiration for me. I love you for how you are as a person, as a human being. Its wonderful how you be what you are. I could never be you. Never.
    Now, if someone comes to me and tells me, “You know what? Arpit is a back-bitcher” or “Arpit is a liar” or “Arpit is selfish” , I wont care. Why should I?
    Everyone has demons inside them. You, me, everyone. We cant be drowning our demons altogether, because they know how to swim. We are humans after all, we do have demons inside us. Its just that when the good qualities in us outshine the demons that we become a good person, an inspiration to everyone. You are one of them.

    Stay like this forever, Arpit. You are an inspiration to me, and the good part is, not many people attain that position. So, you’re special. Don’t ever change. I’m not telling you that. I’m requesting. Its a favor. Don’t let the world dim your light, just be like this only and keep outshining everyone. You’ll go great miles. As a person, in life, everywhere. I promise you that.

    You don’t know anything about life. I could die tomorrow, I could die tonight. I could die anytime. So, whilst I have the time, I’ll confess this to you, because who knows, I might never get any other opportunity after this.
    You are the best at doing ‘awesomeness’ and no one could do it better than you. Thank you for being the light in this dark world. Love.

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