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    by  • April 27, 2014 • To You • 0 Comments

    How long has it been? a year? maybe 2? I don’t know i’m bad with time. I’m bad with keeping in touch and I’m bad with letting go. confusing I know. But you. I saw a picture the other day of us together at christams eve dinner. I saw it on accident. But i had to hold back tears when i saw it. Us smiling together looking into each other eyes. It all hit me at once. it made me realize i miss you. I miss you alot. I know i ruined it. I know most of it was my fault. But i was stupid i didnt know. i thought i still had the world infront of me. now i feel likke im carrying it on my shoulders. bottom line i guess im writing this is i miss you. its hard to fucking admit but its true. I MISS YOU. i wanted to tell you, text you or something. but i know you have a boyfriend and i wouldnt want to come in between that. I dont know him but I heard hes an ok guy so im happy for you. And Im not mad you moved on. NOt mad at all, i place the blame on myself for pushing you away. But to be honest i think you miss me too. I think you still think about us. after all this time. maybe if you were single you would talk to me find out whats up with me. id tell you and be completely honest with you. because one thing ive learned is never to lie. id tell you im better. im not broken anymore. i took your advice and i love myself before i love anyone else. the only thing i wish i could do, the only regret i have was not meeting you now. I know no one wants us to be together but i dont even care if you came to me honestly id probably try to date you again. because you are the love of my life. and i think you feel the same way too. ~RA

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