• Not being able to let go. Good in some ways

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    Dear Daniel,

    How are you? I’m fine I just have my walls up again. My heart still aches from remembering our memories. After so long I found out I can’t let you go. So I want to be your friend, at least for now. I apologize for everything I felt for you. Do you remember this poem I wrote you long ago?:

    I have walked from the end of the world almost falling
    You caught me dwelling and took my hand
    You led me off the trail and gave me the reason
    A reason I never cut or bled again.
    Walls I have put up have crumbled from the thought of you
    A heart that you heard beating
    mine and yours in sync and symphony
    Like the bow on my violin and the strum of my guitar
    I felt your love, my peace, our love
    Like a song that could not be stopped.

    I miss you and gaming together or just cuddling together. I miss the talks we had late at night through the phone after you moved. I miss the times we wished and looked into each others eyes. I miss your smile. The one that almost got me breathless. I miss your heart and your love. I have such a selfish wish of taking you back and keeping you to myself forever. But this is reality and reality is cruel yet forgiving. I will find you and I will be with you as a friend and as someone you come to when you need me. I can’t let go but in way that’s good for the both of us. Goodnight, Goodbye, good luck is what I tell to my love for you. Now I will just be here with you. My friend.

    Love your Friend, Samantha

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