• Lovesick

    by  • April 26, 2014 • * Safe for Work *, Cheating • 0 Comments

    You are right.
    The secrecy means it was an affair.
    There is _absolutely_ no excuse for my behaviour.

    I regret sleeping with you; I wish the circumstances had been different.
    Rationally, I knew it was wrong, but I was weak, and let physical, intellectual and emotional attraction overcome me.
    I sabotaged things from the start; what hope could any relationship have, starting in these circumstances?
    If only I’d had the strength to end one relationship before attempting to start another.
    Now I’ve lost you as a friend as well, and I recognise I need more friends like you.

    You are much stronger than you realise.
    I am glad you touched my life.
    I learned a lot about myself from you and from this experience.
    I expect that only time will heal my lovesickness.
    Hopefully, eventually I can forgive myself, and become a better person.

    My biggest regret is letting my own anxiety and insecurity cause you so much stress, especially given what you’re going through.
    I am deeply sorry.

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