• I was suppose to take acid with you

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    Dear Only Love,
    The truth……
    I love you more than anyone else in this world. And nothing will ever change that. Not even 8 years of longing.
    It scares me to think that you are going to love someone else. Today I realized I have built a beautiful life here in Arizona and the only piece missing is you.
    But I’m exhausted at being mad at you anymore. And I don’t want you to be mad at me. Every other day I kick myself and repeat how sorry I am. I can only imagine you do the same.
    But the truth is, I just want to you to be happy. You deserve it. I just want us to be happy, even if that’s not together. You’re all I have dreamed of for all these years. But I realize now that no words will ever be good enough for good bye and perhaps no time will ever be right. But hopefully these words are at least enough for forgiveness.
    Hopeful to see you in my dreams.
    Forever in my heart,
    PS. If the world ever gets you so down that you believe no one is there or cares, I do. You are perfect.

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