• Sweet eyes

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    I know it’s been a while, and yet again you’ll seize to care about what I have to say. It is still not my fault that we are no longer together, and it’s also not all on me for not giving us any effort. Ten months ago you made me cry for the first time ever, and it was the last time you would ever get to see me. I remember how you looked at me, and how you said that you loved me. It was new for me, and I’d never dealt with “love”. I pulled away, and assumed that you understood that I’m just not the type to be love on love. I got nervous, and made cute situations into vulgar situations. I don’t act lady-like.

    So you didn’t like that, and I guess that was a you thing. When I was their for you I didn’t want a thank you, or an I owe you, and when I wrote you monthly letters I did not expect any letters in return. I don’t know what you expected of me, but I gave you my all. I opened up to you, and sang to you. I’m such a fool you know.

    I’m never going to forget the way you treated me. You would just sit with me, and wrap me in your arms. We never had to talk, we’d just sit in silence, but silence was never actually science with you. You’d be thinking about a million things. You were always warm, and you never seemed like the type who could lie about everything. Everything. Your life, your family, your job, and your feelings. Honestly, I did fall for you. You had the brain of a billion scientists, and the eyes of the sweetest people of the world. Your voice was also very assuring.

    The worst part about us being together was that everything you said was see through, I just hoped that it was true. I was so pure, so naive. Why was it so easy for you to lie. Was it because of practice? Your cousins that you texted all the time, I know they weren’t really your cousins because cousins don’t send nudes. Your life really sucks. You couldn’t even go a day without lying. I really hope for your sake that you change, and not be too much of a dick forever.

    Anyway, my purpose to writing this letter is for my own closure. I don’t want a letter back from you, in fact I would love to erase you from my life, and not think about you anymore. You weren’t a waste of time, you were a lesson that I learned the undesirable way. Thank you for drinking so much and telling me everything you did, when you did.

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