• False hope, real hope

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    I think I’m going through something similar to a select few of you. It’s about who we envision our forever with regardless present life circumstances.

    As a person who moved on physically but not completely emotionally, it hurts to be given hope for a “someday”. Even if they truly want the same thing, life changes things. Feelings may never completely go away but life circumstances do realistically create heartbreaking situations. Things that, no matter how much we want to change things to be together, they are next to impossible.

    None of us know what the future holds. And holding on or not letting go, I realize can really be selfish. And self-defeating. How to let go completely? I don’t know and he and I have done this for well over a decade and a half. But it’s not healthy.

    It’s nice to know someone out there loves us in a special unique way, but that’s cold comfort if you’re not the person sitting right next to them sharing their life daily.

    I wish we never said things like “Promise you’ll never let me go” or “I can’t lie and say I wouldn’t still be holding on to a future with you”.

    We’ve had time together through the years. Wonderful and painful and limited as we’ve come in and out of eachothers’ lives. But that hope is brutal and never goes away until each person decides to. Individually.

    These are just my experiences and my opinions. But as 1/2 of a couple that no longer exists in the present, if you have the ability to give someone else “no hope” until you can truly give them REAL hope…please think about what I’ve said.

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    1. T2
      April 24, 2014 at 2:52 pm

      Well said

    2. author
      April 24, 2014 at 6:51 pm

      @T2, thank you.

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