• Who has more to lose here?

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    Ask yourselves that question before you continue on proving your idiotic lunacy.

    I don’t play victim very well and I will defend myself against your coo-coo-ness. You can go ahead and blame your real person who showed up outside my workplace for they gave you and themselves away.
    I’m glad they felt the need to do what they did after that post, because, it confirmed to me their presence here. 

    They can use self-victimization tactics to make me appear guilty of their wrongs here, but, I know what’s the truth and they can play innocent in all this when I know they are far from it. 
    At this point what I know is what matters for it’s all clear to me.

    I only acknowledged a something here; there was no need to murder me over it.
    What’s troubling is that a person cannot vent in peace on an anonymous site without someone calling them out to interfere and to attack one for it. 
    I guess I should feel flattered that I was seen as a threat and that they felt the need to do what they’ve done. 

    It no longer bothers me to know that you instigated a response from me knowing that they were here and that you participated along in their ridicule of me like I was a joke, because, I’m over it.
    It’s very liberating to feel that I freed myself from what I thought was something that turned out to be nothing. Continue flattering yourselves by believing that I’m in someway heartbroken, hurt or suffering in some way,
     I’m sure that will make yourselves feel better.

    Maybe you all should go re-read my “Mission Accomplished” the original.
    To prove to you how much I’m done with this.

    I deal with enough nutcases I don’t need to add any more to my caseload.
    Even they know their boundaries.
    You’ve proven that even the most educated of people can be completely out of their minds and I won’t even go there in listing what you’ve done, because, you know.

    This has been an unforgettable experience for me for sure, one that taught me how malicious people come in all forms.

    This case is closed!!

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