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    Ron I miss you so much. I am sorry I didn’t call when I said I would. I had no idea that you would cut me out of your life so completely. We were friends and lovers for almost 12 years, and in 3 weeks you are completely done with me. I asked and begged you to call, and of course you don’t, you won’t.

    It has been 4 months now and it just doesn’t get better. I understand you have moved on, but did you have to be so harsh with me? Couldn’t you have at least half-heartedly taken a phone call, just to be nice. I just wanted to stay friends. Friends that don’t have to talk or see each other, but not hated. I feel so awful that it has ended so bad.

    You didn’t have to grind me into the dust. Is that the only way you can deal with saying goodbye, just don’t? Didn’t I mean anything at all? I wanted to think so, but I know now in my heart, I was a fool. I was never anything to you, nothing at all.

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    1. Sometimes
      April 22, 2014 at 4:00 pm

      Sometimes, unfortunately, people have to be harsh with exes, as some of them are so stupid and in denial that the relationship has ended, that any show of friendliness, just feeds into their delusional hope. I had to finally be a bitch to my ex for him to get the message that it was over ( He had started to stalk me). He scared me more, if anything. He finally got it, when I called security on him several times. Although, in retro, it actually made me realise that I had made the right decision to have a man like that out of my life.

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