• Love dove

    by  • April 22, 2014 • * Safe for Work *, Addiction • 2 Comments

    You know, I love you so much
    From the smell of your hair to the feelin of your touch
    I wish we could always just be together.
    But no one knows about us, they’ll probably never.
    I wish you needed me as much as I need you
    I want this to last forever. I wish you did too
    Constantly getting the response of I don’t care
    Leaving you is impossible. I wouldn’t even dare
    People always ask me where’s the one place you wish you could go
    But they never ask me who I’d go “to” it would be you so
    You’re the one place I find peace, they say out of sight then out of mind
    I feel you stay with me so I don’t cry, oh you’re too kind
    I always feel like a burden. You just want to have fun
    I’d stay in on any weekend. I love you a ton.
    My best friend and my love dove. the feelings plain as can see
    I want to tell you this so much. But for now I’ll let it be.

    2 Responses to Love dove

    1. Haruka
      April 22, 2014 at 11:24 pm

      very touched to my heart. this diary is my situation. thank you for wrote .

    2. C
      April 23, 2014 at 7:37 pm

      No, thank you. It is my pleasure

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