• Your Sex Offender Boyfriend

    by  • April 21, 2014 • * Safe for Work *, Abuse • 0 Comments

    Dear mom,
    I am grown up, and 30. I moved states away from you to help my son with his autism and to get him support. It has been years. I have no support. You know after my husband left, I was in shambles. My kids don’t know you. You don’t even know me anymore. I ask you why you cant live near me, and you say you have no choice. But the reason is your sex offender boyfriend. And I cant send you my kids pics w/o feeling danger that he will.. uughh.. gross!! Mom , it hurts me so much that I am not that significant. Unimportant. A throw away. And my kids are going to know this too. Its hurtful. Its inhumane. I don’t get it.
    as I had to do.
    and you just never could love me. I ruined your “plans” and you never let me forget. So now I have forgiven you but how can I forget? Especially when your “plan” involves an ex convicted child rapist??? Really? It hurtz my heart so bad I feel unworthy of anything good these days. My husband left us homeless and you told me to go to a shelter? Can I ask if you are a human? Are you really thinking he is your life? Do you really call me to tell me what his niece got for Easter?
    Well thank GOD I got baptized this Easter. GOD is my family. I can only hope my daughter and son feel that support as well.. maybe I shouldn’t answer the phone when you call anymore. New life for me. Still hurts. How could you?

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