• Troll Woman, Why Do I Hate You So?

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    I will never ever forget finding the postcard from you in his car, ON MY 21ST BIRTHDAY, you sent him a picture of a blonde bombshell in a bikini saying “These are the kind of girls you can have if you move to be closer to us” I remember being so angry, and keeping it all inside until 10 months later as I type this I would love to say the story of it all starts here, but nope, I can dig deeper, a few years back to be exact, when he and I first got together, first of all I want you to know I never liked you, I don’t know why I never liked you, as you sit highly on your self constructed pedestal, looking down on and insulting those you claim to “love”. When he called on Memorial day 2011 and he was on his way over to my house, and you said “get off the phone to that f***in’ b**** and mow my GD lawn” might have been the kicker, a woman you don’t know you’d call that, and a christian woman too? Even then I extended the proverbial olive branch to you, as you treated your own grandson as a common criminal, a good God fearing man who couldn’t hurt a fly, yes he’s huge but he’s a teddy bear and I love him. No, when I knew I was done with you, couldn’t be friends with you, couldn’t even think of it was when your “criminal” grandson and I decided to visit you after church not only did you insult my pastor who is like a FATHER to me which if you weren’t old and dried up like a polyp would have landed you a punch in the face, I broke my ex boyfriend’s nose for calling my pastor a butt-head and that was a benign insult compared to what you said, but decided to take your grandson on a stroll down memory lane with pictures of his ex girlfriend and asked him “Whatever happened to her I liked her?” to which he responded “She’s dead” you asked him “Really?” he said no but when I got hold of her after that she would be, that was when I decided I could never like you. Then my prayers were answered January of that next year, when you announced you were moving. It was then I felt free, free from your tyrannical, bigotry, why you don’t like me my church my family, anything about me, and why was me marrying your grandson the end of the world? Oh no, that’s what I got for assuming, you’ve made may life more miserable living 90 miles away even so than you could if you still lived 5 minutes down the road from me, you’ve made us all miserable. You busted up his parents, and while his mom moved down there to be with you for reasons I cannot FATHOM, but his dad went through a midlife crisis and started dating an 18 year old woman. Not a great situation for your precious grandson eh? You convinced him where you lived was a fairy tale land where he could be anything he wanted, even mayor of the place, he got a job at a factory down there, and I remember hearing your loud mouth in the background “Get rid of her, get rid of her, she’s just like her w**** of an aunt” no I am NOT like my aunt, I’m sorry she did what she did to your nephew, however many years ago but that isn’t me, I wish it would have stopped there, but he kept yoyoing from your city to mine, the card I found in his car on my birthday was made me absolutely hate you, a feeling I really don’t like, and then 6 months later on Christmas, your precious other grandson, his brother who acts more like a SISTER than a brother, and his lovely wife, posted pictures to her facebook, with her sister her sister who messed with him and his cousin and his best friend in the myspace days of what seems prehistory but was really 6 years ago, yep that is what the Jolly Fat man brought me for Christmas, waking up on Christmas morning to finding pictures of her and him together, I texted the guy who he hates and calls a “dimwitted macho man” out of spite, told him what happened, well guess what that dimwitted macho man isn’t so dimwitted, he knew how hurt I was when he asked me what was wrong so I told him, and he swore to get them all. But your grandson felt bad about what he did and that Friday, he took me to dinner and a movie to cheer me up, now you are pressuring him into leaving me, and I won’t let you anymore, you your daughter your son your daughter in law your other grandson and his wife, leave him and me alone, I am NOT a demon, I am not anyt of the names you call me, I swear the next time will result in a trip to the Dr Phil show, and after that will be a lawsuit, consider this your last warning

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