• “If we get through this”….

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    …”we’ll probably end up getting married.”

    Your words. How ironic all this is now.

    We got through it. We got through an infinite amount of stuff. It just wasn’t the way or in the timeframe we thought it would be.

    I might have said “I give up” once, but my actions showed you differently. I’m stubborn. Okay, extremely stubborn. But I liked showing up for you. I did it for myself too. Loving you made me feel like no matter the outcome, I did it well. It didn’t matter where we were in life, it was constant, special, enormously frustrating at times, confusing as heck, but most of all – true.

    So I’m going to make a choice. I’m going to choose to remember all this not with spite, but positivity.

    One thing though. I honestly, truely hope you are happy where you are. Otherwise what the heck was the point?

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    1. U
      April 30, 2014 at 9:45 am

      You, we had our issues from the start but you wanted me to gloss over them. I am serious and you are not. Therein lies our problem. You said words that cut to my heart. I meant it, that if we got through this, we’d probably get married. But you were not patien, would not sit and talk, would walk out at the slightest. Naa, life isnt like that, love isnt. I am well aware of my faults but it seems you didnt think you had any. Am i happy? I have genuine friendships and i have a good heart. There are days at weekends when the first i see of my porch is at 9pm. This is me. There are days when i miss you till it aches, like the other night when it rained and i just wished you had my arms round me.

      I haven’t been lucky in love, and i was scared yours will go the same way. You fight for what you want, not sit and expect me to come to soothe things out all the time. I dont think you love me like you claim. The love i hear about doesnt act the way you do. And God is my witness, i have nothing against you.

      Tu sais qui

    2. author
      April 30, 2014 at 10:47 am

      @U – this is not to you. People really need to stop assuming.

    3. U
      April 30, 2014 at 12:16 pm

      And that is fine…

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