• Always in the way

    by  • April 21, 2014 • Jealousy • 0 Comments

    You know,
    You may be one of my best friends
    But you’ll always be the way
    Me and her were so perfect
    Now everynight I beg her to stay
    She used to put me first
    And now you’re there all the time
    I used to make her smile
    The feeling was so sublime.
    We never fought or argued and she actually liked to hangout.
    Now that you’re around, I must hide the want to makeout.
    Anogomous relationships are hard. Or however you spell it or whatever.
    She would never think to tell you, no chance whatsoever.
    So now my best friend and lover is never my best friend for sure.
    With you always in the way, just makes constant torture.
    I beg on my hands and knees just to stay alone with her one night
    I get so jealous when you’re with her. It causes a constant fight.
    The most sickening part about this is that you love her too
    The best part about this is you don’t think I have a clue.
    I see the way you look at her.
    As I look at her this way as well.
    Everytime I see you with her
    My heart starts to swell
    Known as the three best friends.
    But inside I hate this thought.
    I wish you would back off of her.
    This feeling makes me distraught.
    It’s sickening really, how my own love I must hide.
    She loves me but she’ll deny it. What a beautiful fucking ride.

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