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    I sent you off to the airport again. It has been what? 7th time in three years… But I guess, there are things that you can never get used to. And for me, this is it.

    Just after you kissed me goodbye, I saw an article about how airports can be the happiest and the saddest place in the world, I can’t agree any less. That article spoke of the person leaving and arriving; and I guess I’d like to write about the point of view of the person who fetches and sends off.

    It was Friday afternoon when my DREAM came towards me in blue. (You are the DREAM, My Love.) It was a humid April afternoon, but the heat failed in making me uncomfortable. I was in a seat-less waiting area and I need to stand for more than two hours, but my smile has not gone tired. That Friday afternoon, nothing can bring me down. I am like a lottery jackpot winner awaiting for her prize. That afternoon I am the happiest. And I am in the airport.

    Fast forward to Sunday afternoon, and my Dreaming was almost over. I definitely felt the scorching heat of the summer sun and my head aches terribly. The seatless waiting area seemed to house the entire city… Movement was restricted, and Im holding back my tears. That Sunday afternoon, only your hands and your kiss pulled myself together. Without your hands and your kiss, I am like candle, melting with time. That afternoon I am the saddest… And I am in the airport.

    As I am writing this, I realized my tear ducts are not acting normal… And this happens every time I send you off. Always does. Without fail. My tears are now acting like like they have been freed at last. Not only that, my tears are becoming more like liquid bullies who threaten to fall off every time I think of you. *Ranting*

    There… I bet you’ve read those things before. Just allow me this six words… See you soon, I love you.

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