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    So it’s been a year a month and a day to the day I told you how I felt about you, you were kinda shocked to my surprise..your life has had a turn that isn’t for the better, your world crashes around you every few weeks and I hate to see you like that because of him your my bestfriend and I love you dearly I’m okay with being friends I’ve had a year to get over the rejection and the shock that all them times you were just being friendly and flirtatious it’s in ur manner to be like that, I haven’t wrote on here in weeks the today is the first time I have visited here in weeks too I kinda shut this site out of my mind because it became an obsession a routine in my daily routines looking through every letter to see if there was any hint of you in them and sign that you had wrote back to me on here but without a doubt you haven’t.

    I wished you loved me like I love you of course I do but being friends with you is good enough for me, I just wish you wouldn’t be with him he’s no good for you mentally he makes you question everything he makes you so so sad but I guess he also makes you happy you are dependant on him for your happiness and we’ll I wish you wasn’t.

    Anyhow I don’t really know why I’m writing this message I guess it’s because I really miss you and I noted the date I hears a few songs and it made me realise that things have changed between us, when you with him you never even answer my texts lol i say it’s okay but it isn’t it really hurts my feelings that I have all the time in the world for you, and you do me too just not when your with him…anyways that’s life it’s a bitch, I’m a bitch and your a bitch too, I guess I’m just saying I love you my feelings for you will never change. No matter what you do or say to me and in that sense I understand why u keep going back to a price like that because u love him and no matter what he says or does to you it won’t ever change.

    I love you,
    C. XxxxxX

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