• To My Best Friend:

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    It shouldn’t surprise me, yet here I am, stuck. I am here deciding if I should tell you. You have been there for me constantly. While other girls get easily bored by my interests or get frustrated with my stubbornness, you don’t. We have spent so many nights staying up late just talking about any topic that came to our minds and you would even stay up and give me advice on how to get our friend to date me and then were there when all of our efforts were in vain. Yet, they weren’t because in those late night talks about what I can do and the fun arguments we would have or how we could just sit and do work next to each other and feel perfectly content I fell in love with you. Now I know I love you, it may have taken a while, but I can say I do.

    I know by the fact that I felt nervous for the first time when I held you hand, or how your emotions now directly affect mine, or the fact that I can’t imagine a life without you. You make me feel safe and secure, you put up with my foolishness, we are mutually weird,and your happiness comes before my own. It pains me to fight with you, especially since most of the time I realize I’m just being stubborn. I say I love you because I do. I honest love you PandaBear. I don’t know what type of love it is, it may be true love that I am feeling for you, but I do know this: I love you more than as a friend. This is a special love I feel for you, and while I don’t know if it’s true love, I know it is very powerful and fills my heart at the sound of your name.

    Since, I now know this. . . What am I to do? Should I send the text I have poised to be sent, or tell you in person, or keep it secret as long as possible so that I can at least help you when you need it and be your friend, the best friend you could ever want or need. I want to hit send. . . but what if I lose you forever?


    Your “such a goob”

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    1. britney
      April 16, 2014 at 12:41 am

      If you now know then you should now open your mouth and tell your person your truth. Maybe they are waiting on you to speak up.

      Dont question the response. Speak your truth simply for your benefit. Place no expectations.
      Congrats and best wishes. I hope you get a wonderful surprise.

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