• The cat and the steal capped boots

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    The white cat liked to walk around on the streets seeing all the sights and enjoying all the smells. Sometimes the fish vendor would throw offcuts its way which would always make it happy.

    One day, the cat was walking down the street when a kind lady noticed it. She knelt down and called it over. The cat was apprehensive at first, but the lady looked kind and walk over and gently rubbed its head against her leg. The woman stroke the cat gently behind the ears and after a while gently picked up the cat and put it in her lap. The cat lay back and enjoyed the affection it has missed out on for so long. It lay back and enjoyed the gentle hands showing care. Time stood still.

    After a while the lady had to move on, she said “Don’t get the wrong idea, I can’t take you home or anything, but enjoy this short time we have had together.” The cat sat on the side of the street watching the lady walk away, a little sad to see her go, but feeling deeply at piece know it was loved, even by a stranger.

    A few days later a pair of steal capped boots walked past. The man was in some kind of uniform. He noticed the cat can stopped. The cat looked at the man, walked over to him and rubbed its head against the steal capped boots. The man looked down and though, how cute and picked the cat up and took it home.

    Once home the man gave the cat some milk and set aside a place for the cat to sleep. An old army blanket seamed much nicer to the cat than sleeping on the street. The cat drifted off to sleep dreaming of what tomorrow might bring.

    When the cat woke up, the sun was already up. It lazily stretched and started gingerly stalking about the place. Soon the steal capped boots came came hurriedly walking past, the man was late. He didn’t see the cat and accidentally stood on its tail! The cat screeched in pain, the man almost lost his balance as the cat cowered in the corner. He said, sorry cat, but I am in a hurry I must go.

    The cat lounged around all day until the late afternoon when the man came back from his rushed overloaded life. The cat was so glad to see the man that it rolled over exposing its underbelly just waiting to be tickled… the man walked right passed without even noticing. The cat rolled back onto its paws and looked confused.

    Everyday for years the same thing happened. The cat would roll over hoping for some affection, the best it would get would be the occasional hurried tickle under the chin, the worst that would happen would be when the steel capped boots would stand on a paw or a tail. The man never intentionally harmed the cat, but would get more and more annoyed by this cat who constantly seamed to get under his feet.

    All the cat wanted was some genuine love and affection, but it would never find it from the man with the steel capped boots.

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