• is it really over?

    by  • April 15, 2014 • Confusion • 0 Comments

    This is the last thing i should be doing but fuck it. Basically I am still in love with you. I hate that your dating that girl, especially when you told me you still love and think about me…that i was the one.

    The only reason why i gave up on us is because its what everyone else thought was right… you think you regret it, guess how much i do? They were probably right, you didn’t treat me right and after we ended things you continued your reckless ways, fucking with my life as you pleased.

    You have no idea how much i needed you that year, but how could i turn to you? Every action you made seemed like an attack my way. As if i wasn’t fragile enough… as if you didn’t know that. Did you have fun destroying me? I was so young.

    I left you because I refused to be a fool, someone who would stay in an unhealthy relationship because they were controlled by love. I don’t regret that decision, it terrifies me to think of what could have happened if we stayed together.

    But just know this, behind all the chaos, under the ugly mess that lingers, I am still completely in love with you. So I am asking you to call me… tell me it isn’t over… and ill leave him. Nothing could ever compare to being with you… god knows i have tried. Your it.


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