• Goodbye

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    A tornado flew around my room before you came, excuse the mess it made it usually doesn’t rain in southern california much like arizona.

    My eyes don’t shed tears. but girl, they bawl. When i’m thinkin bout you. I’ve been thinkin bout you, i’ve been thinkin bout you. do you think about me still? Do you?

    No, i don’t like you, i just thought you were cool enough to kick it got a beach house I could sell you in idaho. since you think I don’t love you,i just thought you were cute that’s why I kissed you.

    It’s been 10 months since you left us, we have no idea where have you been, how are you, what are you doin. The fact is, I still think about you occasionally, almost everyday. But no, i don’t miss you. To be honest, i want to forget everything about you. Now that i realize some wounds can never be healed. Now, i’m trying to get used to the pain, i guess that’s the only way to deal with life.

    Do you miss me? do you miss us? wherever you are now. Your soul is free now, that’s what you dreamed for. Right? Only god knows all the answers.

    They said, we’ll have flashbacks before death. I wondered if my face comes in your mind. I didn’t visit you in the icu room, your sister said your boyfriend will be there. I wanted to of course, I was dying to visit. I don’t know and I won’t know if your sister did as i told, kiss your hand. That’s what I’d do if i were there. She told me to leave you forever when you’re conscious and I agreed. That was the plan we’ve made week before you’re hospitalized, but you left without goodbyes after 5 days in icu.

    I was numb, or should i say. I’m numb. Still numb. I don’t know how is your boyfriend/fiance and the love of your life, your ex. You love your ex the most don’t you? I know that, although you never tell anyone.

    Me and my ex broke up again, weeks after your departure.

    Even if i had the chance to tell you how i feel, you’d still pick him.
    Yes, that’s the truth and I’m okay with that.

    Dear you, wherever you are now. I wish you well and I’d pray for your family’s happiness as long as i’m still here. breathing. Goodbye, I hope we’ll never meet again, let’s just be strangers in next life.

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