• Dejected

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    Such folly: the disconnect between our two most important organs in these modern times. One would think we would eventually get the clue. Sadly, our misery is birthed from the fallout of our hope and it feeds on the rotting carcass of what was. It will be all that remains.

    And you? Well, you’re none the wiser. How could you be, though? We’re more like strangers – the antithesis of our yesteryear. Such an expectation of your awareness of this would unfair to you. Yet in a world that’s the harsh mistress of the cold and unfair, fairness isn’t a concept that exists.

    Where does that leave me? No one knows and they will never care. And so nor shall I.

    That moment has passed. Mourn for it, as I have for the years that are lost. In this way at least I suffer more of the burden than you. Consider it my parting gift.

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    1. Carrie
      April 20, 2014 at 12:45 am

      The cadence and style of words are disturbingly reminiscent of my person..
      though I’m sure you are not…
      you write beautifully..tugs at ones heart…
      I hope your person knows you at least care..
      you seem like the kind of person it would hurt terribly to lose.

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