• cat? friend?

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    I’ve known you for over two years now and I’m so thankful. But the past two years, I always stay by you like your shadows, do everything for you like your maid. But honestly, I can’t recall the last thing you did anything for me…if I ever asked you for a favor. It has become a bad habit of mines, to think about you and put your needs before my owns. I would do things for you without a second thought. But I guess, it always been like that. I’m a pushover. Sure.

    You would always jokingly threaten to not talk to me if I don’t do things that you want, and honestly, it scared me to death. Why? Because I never had a friend like you before.

    But lately, I feel like I’ve been raising a cat rather than having a friend. You would come crawling to me at times of needs. But never stay by my side when you’re happy. I would do anything just to make you comfortable and happy even at my own sacrifices. You would bully me, say things that would hurt my feelings like it’s norhing and laugh it off. Like a cat, you can always easily walk away from me without looking back. But for me, it will never be that easy.

    That relationship between an owner and a cat is our friendship in a nutshell.

    You called me your best friend, but treat me worst than a stranger. You wouldn’t even talk to me if I don’t talk to you first.

    Maybe it’s time. To test our friendship. I’m still here. Waiting for you to reach out to me.

    If not, farewell my friend. My best friend.


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