• To my future husband

    by  • April 8, 2014 • * Safe for Work *, Soulmate • 0 Comments

    I’m impatient.
    I didn’t think that the line “Before you came into my life I missed you so bad” made sense initially but I’m starting to understand. Where are you? Where have you been? I miss you, I need you. I need you to cradle me when after a long day, and I need you to brush my cheek and tell me you love me.
    I imagine the sunlight creeping on a white pillowcase, and just as its peeping through the blue curtains I open my eyes to your face. Your sweet face. Emotionless, innocent, clear. I imagine lifting my arm to slowly reach my hand out to touch it, as if your mirage will disappear if I move too quickly. In the sweet silence my fingertips reach your cheek. I trace your bones in repeated patterns, attempting to paint them into my memory. The soft skin under your eye enchants me.

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