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    Let me state rather definitively that this is not a letter to anyone on this site. It’s something I would say to someone from my past. A little vent because he is on my mind lately.

    I hurt you. But you hurt me too.

    All I’ve ever wanted was to be loved as I am.

    I was broken and the way you tried to fix me was all wrong.

    So I hurt you. And I hurt me. And I’m sorry.

    I lost someone very important to me. And it hurts every day.

    But I know now that I will never be what you wanted me to. And as sorry as I am, I will say now that you were wrong to banish me from your life for not being who and what you wanted me to be when you wanted it.

    It’s so sad that when two people get each other in a way not many do, that they can’t figure out how to stay in each other’s lives. But it is what it is. I’m sorry you’d rather be my victim than my friend.

    What does it matter, time moves on. And I’m like cancer to you. So what’s the point? I guess if it’s always going to be my fault, nothing changes.

    I’ll always be sorry, no matter what. Just because I’ve accepted what I am doesn’t mean I ever stopped wishing I could have been what you wanted me to be.

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    1. den
      April 10, 2014 at 1:16 am

      “I’m sorry you’d rather be my victim than my friend.”

      “I guess if it’s always going to be my fault, nothing changes”

      you couldn’t have said it any better than that. this may not be for me but I relate to it. you sound so much like somebody i know. someone who doesn’t want to be happy and in the process refuses to make other happy, too.

      see, when you keep quiet and never fight for something that you say you “love,” the other person will take it as a statement that you don’t need them, don’t want them and just want them completely out of your life.

      i really hope it is not the case for you. cause the situation i am in… it hurts so bad that I die everyday.. it’s hard when you are trying to fight for something and the other person just sits there & shuts you out.

      life would really be so simple if only people were more honest than careful.

      i hope you get pass this. we all will, i am sure. 🙂

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