• dear mister from a few years back

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    I got answers. All kinds. I got questions but just one. It happened for many reasons. One of which is you needed me. Ask yourself how i already knew stuff you spent years never saying. Ask yourself why i will never stop giving you hope. Positivity. Lessons to learn. Ask why i will always fight your battles.

    Do you think its because your smart mouth makes me swoon? Do you think your hurtful comments towards life and most things in make me smile??

    Well…answers no. Its not funny. Its not cute. Matter of fact its not even you. Its who you try being.

    The reason i got your back no matter what…its because i know you. Say i dont. I have known you before you allowed me to know this smartass guy in hiding.

    Since you get it as you say…..do you get it?

    I love you. All of you goob. Im gonna let you act a fool as many years as it takes for you to realize it. You needed me. It was beyond my control.

    I dont hate myself enough to put up with shit. Ask everybody you know.

    My only question….are you okay? I have never stopped worrying about you. I pray you are well. I sincerely hope you are happy.

    I hope that every day since may 2011 you have recieved the positive energy i have
    placed for you. I hope it has served you well.

    Love you tay

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