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    I know I may be lean
    Uncomfortable being seen
    But I feel like I’m just what you need.

    Although my body’s thin
    I don’t let anyone in
    But I can’t help but let this begin.

    And though I may seem cold
    And I feel i’m growing old
    I wish that you would just come home.

    Cause I’m tired of feeling alone
    Please tell me how to let go.

    Love, I know you’re doing fine
    Your chapters end so well
    And love, I love your welling eyes
    You seem happy, I can tell.

    Love, I know you’ll be alright
    But I can’t help but feel sorry
    Cause love, your book will end just fine
    But I am a different story.

    I know I am a mess, and I love most people less
    But I miss the feel of your summer dress.

    And this all may be weird
    I can feel you are not near
    But please just come back here.

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