• You have made me this way.

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    Dear you,

    So you threatened to ruin my wedding.

    I think you realised just how much that meant, that you knew I had always been the metaphorical bridesmaid and never the bride in my life – the one day I get to do this, MY day, you threatened to become the centre of attention yet again.

    But you never did. I suspect you seriously considered it.

    The worst thing is that your evil has now spread to me, the hatred and anger you spew at everyone always because your mother abandoned you, you have now given to me. Because now I hate *you*. And I don’t feel this way about anyone else.

    Suddenly I find myself wishing evil things on you, things that I hate myself for. I hope your husband cheats on you, I hope he leaves you just like everyone else has always left you. I cannot stand to look at his ugly, disfigured face that you always brag is the most handsome thing you have ever seen. You’re seriously misguided.

    You’re the most vain, self centred, self obsessed, deluded, evil, disgusting person I have ever met. And I wish you every sadness, all the days of your life.

    I hope you suffer the way you have made me suffer – the fear you put me in, I hope you feel that tenfold. You said such cruel things about the people I love, you took me down with words that showed you had hated me for years whilst pretending to be my friend.

    But the truth is that you’re just jealous – I’ve always been your sad, lonely friend that sat dateless at home with her parents but now I have someone who adores me. And that’s what you can’t stand – that I am now loved and adored too. You didn’t want me to be happy.

    But do you know what? I am. I am adored. I am loved completely and utterly and I know he will always love me. And always keep me safe. It doesn’t matter now what cruel things you say about him, about his family, about his sweet, young, defenseless nephews. You are evil. You are poison. But you didn’t win.

    May you be always unhappy, may the things you need always be slightly beyond your reach, may your joy always splinter and fragment before your eyes.

    I hate you. You didn’t win, but I still hate you.

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