• To the 8th guy I’ll have sex with

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    to the 8th guy i’ll have sex with:
    Please know that it I lost my virginity 8 months ago to my ex boyfriend’s cousin at christian camp.
    I didn’t give away my heart again until I met a high school drop out that smokes more weed than I knew was humanly possible. Someone who couldn’t accept my heart or my decisions, was lucky number 2. But he held my face and knew what words to say and I felt whole, complete, with him.
    Guy number 3, honestly I hope he rots in hell for treating me the way he did. You never kick a girl out after you force them to have sex with you. I think that’s just proper etiquette.
    The only ginger I’ll ever sleep with, at least I think we slept together….I’m too drunk to remember. The only proof I have is 2 used condoms on your bedside table, a picture of your girlfriend next to them, and unanswered texts. This was when I learned that I am an object and not a person.
    Drunken mistakes prove part to my choices, and my regrets. I’ve never liked guys who wear the number 5. Please stop snap chatting me.
    All I know about number 6 is I had to ask the girl in my hall what his name was so I could send him a Facebook message that said “hey did we have sex last night?” the answer was yes, and yes we used protection. I see you everywhere, we can’t even find a way to say hello.
    To lucky number 7, I waited with you. We didn’t have sex right away because I knew you’d come back. I thought wow, maybe this time something might mean something. I don’t have any regrets with you. You held my hand, and kissed me goodnight. You also stuck your dick down my throat and couldn’t stay hard because you smoke too much weed and drink to much alcohol. You didn’t get up when I decided to leave. You watched me change as I could feel the judgements or everything flaw I have, and I left. Still haven’t heard from you again.
    So to the 8th guy I will have sex with, I hope you hold me and make me feel whole, and snap chat me to make me laugh, and kiss my forehead in the middle of the night. I hope you know that kicking me out will hurt more than it should. I hope you know that if I wait and say no, it’s because I’m testing you to make sure I’m willing to give my heart up. I’m not an object anymore. I am a person, and I am a person that wants respect and love. So I’ll wait for you, number 8, because maybe 8 will finally be my lucky number.

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